HICLEANthe leader of the ultrasonic bubble washer.

HICLEAN is a company specializing in kitchenware such as commercial ultrasonic washing machines, commercial food reducers and processors.Based on honesty and trust, we have grown by producing and selling various brands of kitchen equipment and equipment, and have been proudly recognized for our products and technology through more than 1,000 transactions and suppliers. In line with the global era, we will continue to make efforts to develop new products through constant research and development and continue to make efforts to become the best ultrasonic washing machine company in Korea.

All the employees of HICLEAN

HICLEAN history 


04  Design Registration (No. 30-1054284, No. 30-1054297) 

04  Confirmation of venture company (KOSME)

03  Development of Built-in Ultrasonic Washing Machine

03  ISO9001, ISO14001 Certified

02  Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement


08  Recognition of research and development department 

04  Patent Registration (No. 10-1663758, No. 10-1663761) 

03  Incorporated into HighClean Co., Ltd 

03  Relocation of production plant to Seoun General Industrial Complex in Incheon 

02  High-Clean 365 Trademark Registration Completed, Development of 3-Channel Commercial Ultrasonic Washing Machine 


11  Securing the nationwide AS network and starting the nationwide rental, lease, and installment sales 

01  HighClean365 Trademark Application 


03  Business partnership of Notsuko Brand 

01  Rich For You, Kitchen Art, Sky Brand Business Partnership 


12  Launch of rental sales of ultrasonic washing machines for businesses 

09  Development of a food reducer is completed 

03  Establishment of a research department and confirmation of venture companies 

01  Patent application for insulation (Application No. 10-2015-019784) 


11  Control box digitization technology development completed 

01  Electrical safety certification acquisition (KC)


11  Commercialization of ultrasonic washing machines for businesses has been developed 

02  Establishment of Daekwang TNR 


13/01  Home Ultrasonic Cleaner Development Starts

12/01  Cheongho Nice Business Partnership

11/06  Home Kitchenware OK Home M&A 

10/09  Development of commercial products for commercial food processing machines 

09/04  Establishment of BL Light Tech Co., Ltd