There's never been a washing machine like this before!

Mom's Curie Built-in Ultrasonic Cleaner

Let's switch to

HICLEAN Mom's Curie!

Cleaning kitchen tableware

Dishwashing of all materials used in the kitchen is possible,

which effectively reduces the time to wash dishes.

Cleaning fruits and vegetables

Completely remove foreign substances and residual pesticides from fruits and vegetables with 320 kinds of residual pesticides only with water and ultrasonic waves.

Cleaning fish and shellfish 

Remove fishy odors and clean small gaps in fish and shellfish.

Defrosting and cleaning frozen meat

It removes defrosting and foreign substances from meat that take a long time,

and removes blood to catch fish

Cleaning baby bottles and toys

It is possible to use it safely by sterilizing and disinfecting baby bottles and

toys that are frequently used.

Cleaning accessories and glasses

Completely remove dirt from frequently used accessories and fine gaps in glasses.

Mom's Curie technology is different

Korea's first 3 channel frequency! a powerful ultrasonic cleaning

It is a vibrator control technology that controls three multi-frequency so that the most optimized frequency

for cleaning targets can be used beyond the existing cleaning technology using one frequency.
This is Moms Curie's unique and innovative technology that enables a variety of cleaning with super-powerful, ultra-low noise.

Is my dishwasher a storage box?

Existing dishwasher

▷ Separate installation space required
▷ Aval Hand Wash Required
▷ Cleaning squares exist depending on location
▷ Long cleaning time of approximately 1 hour on average

Replace and

install existing


Soak it and rinse it.

That's it

Scrubbing even

fine gaps in

hard-to-clean stains

Short wash time of

30 seconds to

3 minutes