If you just dip it in the sauce

I'm done cleaning!

HICLEAN Ultrasonic Bubble Washing Machine Replaces All Washing!

Don't miss a small gap!

a thorough cleaning


 Ultrasonic waves produce strong vibrations in the water, creating spray and small bubbles. The powerful pressure generated by each burst of these bubbles can completely clean up 360 degrees to a small corner of the dish that a person's hand may miss.

It's going to blow away bacteria!

Clean sterilization
and cleaning


Bubbles generated by ultrasonic waves burst and chemical reactions occur to produce hydrogen peroxide. This has an excellent sterilization effect that destroys not only various fine foreign substances but also bacteria.

HICLEAN Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Four Advantages of

HICLEAN is simple.
HICLEAN is efficient.

Just dip it in the washing machine without any hassle,

such as washing dishes or inserting a bowl by hand.

It takes only five minutes to clean,

so you can quickly process large amounts of work.

HICLEAN is safe.
HICLEAN is economical.

It has excellent sterilization effect to remove harmful

substances and impurities without using synthetic detergent and dish rinse.

It consumes less water, electricity, and gas than regular washing machines,

and minimizes the manpower required to wash dishes,

thereby reducing utility and labor costs as much as possible.

Electricity. About 80% / Detergent. About 80% / Water. About 70% / Labor costs. About 50%

Korea's First

Ultrasonic Cleaner

While most ultrasonic dishwashers distributed in Korea use a single frequency, the High Clean All-New Triple 3-channel series is the first ultrasonic washer in Korea to provide powerful and diverse cleaning functions using 3-channel multi-frequency such as 28 kHz, 40 kHz, and 55 kHz.

   Korea's First 3-Channel Ultrasonic Cleaning System

   Customized setting by business at 3 channel frequency

    Auto-heating after optimal temperature setting

The 3-channel ultrasonic cleaning system developed by High Clean analyzes various contamination factors of the cleaning material and enables precise frequency distribution and strength control to achieve optimal cleaning power.

Best customized setting for our store

with 3-channel frequency

A. Wash vegetables and fruits with 40kHz + 55kHz and bubble function, and wash mugs and plates with bubble + heating function at 28kHz + 40kHz. Any cleaning in the kitchen can be customized. 

A. Clean the grill and dish at 28 kHz + 40 kHz and the cup at 40 kHz + 55 kHz. Use these three frequencies: 28 kHz, 40 kHz, and 55 kHz to suit your needs!

A. It's possible even if the industry changes. Unlike conventional cleaners, the 3CH ultrasonic cleaner can be customized at three frequencies depending on the customer's store and industry. We don't have to change machines when moving to the store or changing industries, and we always provide optimal cleaning power with simple operation.

Safe and convenient high clean technology for

thinking about customers

1. Built-in High Clean with built-in vibrator

▶ There is no risk of leakage because there is no punching in the tank.
▶ It is resistant to external shocks caused by kitchen utensils during washing and has excellent durability.
▶ The noise is small and quiet.


▶ During manufacturing, processes such as heat treatment, welding, and precision setting are complicated.
▶ The production cost is high.

Traditional corporate and third-party
punching methods 


▶ The manufacturing process is relatively simple.
▶ It is possible to reduce the unit price of production.

▶ There is a risk of a leak.
▶ There is a risk of damage because the vibrator is exposed to the outside.

2. Convenient large LCD and one-touch menu
Full-color super-large LCD
makes it accurate and
convenient to use the washer

Delicate cleaning_cleaning and removing foreign substances and residual pesticides on the surface

General cleaning_usually used in the kitchen. Dishwashing of all materials is possible.

Strong cleaning_Faster, stronger cleaning with stronger pressure

Bubble_Air bubble cleaning that doesn't miss even a small gap

Insulation_Maintaining the best cleaning power with automatic maintenance of proper water temperature